Rest in Peace

Elton Roscoe Hogan

March 20, 1919 – February 13, 2000


[I'm assuming the information shown on this page is for the person named Elton R. Hogan, who was a member of Post 7383 and whose information is contained in VFW records. It is possible that they are not the same person. The information below is from]

Name: Elton R. Hogan

SSN: 245-60-8607

Birth date: March 20, 1919

Place of birth: Eagle Springs, Moore County, North Carolina

Date of death: February 13, 2000

Place of death: Raleigh

Cemetery: Hillcrest Cemetery in Cary, North Carolina

Enlistment date:

Release date:

Branch: Army

Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Spouse: Jane Wilkinson

Marriage date and place:

School: Clemson University, 1942; Bachelor of Science [Program].




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