Flag Etiquette

"The President's Own," the United States Marine Band, conducted by Col. Michael Colburn, performed The Star-Spangled Banner on Sunday, February 19, 2012 in the Rachel Schlesinger Concert Hall at Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia. Best if played loud!

When to Display the Flag

The flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset, on all days when weather permits, and especially on:

New Year's Day,
January 1st
Inauguration Day Martin Luther King's Birthday
Lincoln's Birthday,
February 12th
Washington's Birthday,
February 22nd
Easter Sunday
Mother's Day Armed Forces Day Memorial Day
(half-staff until noon)
Flag Day,
June 14th
Independence Day,
July 4th
Labor Day
Constitution Day,
September 17th
Columbus Day,
October 12th
Navy Day,
October 27th
Veterans Day,
November 11th
Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day,
December 25th
Election Days Days as may be proclaimed by the President of the United States State and Local Holidays

Folding the American Flag

flag-folding instructions

Do you have an American Flag that is tattered and faded such that it is no longer a suitable emblem of our country? Bring it to the Franklin- Sloan VFW Post 7383. We will dispose of your flag with dignity and respect in a moving ceremony to which the public is welcomed. Flag-retirement ceremonies are scheduled at the Post as needed. Please email FlagRetirement@CaryVFW7383.org for news on the next scheduled ceremony.

American Flag Retirement Ceremony

flag burning

The leader calls the ceremony to order and briefly addresses those in attendance. He or she calls for volunteers to place the flags on the fire. Young people are encouraged to volunteer.

1. Flags have been folded in the customary manner.

2. The fire is large enough and sufficiently intense to completely burn the flags.

3. The flags are placed on the fire at the direction of the leader.

4. Those assembled come to attention, salute the flags, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. There follows a brief period of silent reflection.

5. After the flags are burned entirely, the fire is put out and the ashes are buried.

retirement ceremony retirement ceremony
retirement ceremony retirement ceremony



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